The secret of your future is….

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine

Success is not something that happens as a big event. It’s the small things that lead to success.

it’s the planning of our day, the setting of your goals, the looking at and checking the progress of your goals. It’s the talking to 5 people about a new product. It’s the spending 5 minutes extra with the kids at breakfast.

All these lead to a daily routine…but beware that a daily routine can also lead to our failure too. An extra hour in bed, leaving the tough stuff until tomorrow, starting the diet on Monday, catching up on the soaps instead.

What your future holds depends on the focussed output and effort of your daily routine.

take54u today to think about how you see your future and what your daily routine will need to be to get you there.

NB…if you take54u as part of your daily routine, then you can’t go far wrong 😉


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