Do you have a big enough reason Why….

If I asked you to lift up a car, could you?…….“Pfft, you’re kidding, right?”

What if I asked you to lift up this car because someone’s leg is trapped under it……“Let me go and get help”

OK, so now lift up the car because your Dad’s leg is trapped underneath it……“It’s up, get him out!”

In life, and when you set your Goals look for the BIG reason WHY…make it personal, know the benefits to you or others:

I have to give up smoking…WHY…So I am healthy and fit for my children.

I have to go on this college course…WHY…So I can better my career and my income and the whole family will benefit.

I have to keep the house clean…WHY…So it’s nice and homely for my family.

I have to build a second income…WHY…So I can learn and grow from it and so I’m not completely reliant on my first.

take54u today and think of your reasons WHY


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