Take the positive side

When setting goals for yourself the words you use to write them will make a great deal of difference on your approach and attitude towards them. Always ensure you have a POSITIVE approach to goal writing and most importantly write down WHAT YOU WANT and not what you don’t want!

Thinking about what we don’t want is to have resistance to something…to be working against something and the mind will be in a negative mode and this will promote fear.

When we think in terms of what we WANT then we have compliance and harmony. We operate from a positive standpoint and we flow with the events that happen to us; thinking “What do I want the outcome to be and how can it help me?”

Think “I want to be healthy” not “I don’t want to be ill”

Think “I am rich” not “I don’t want to be poor”

Think “I enjoy the time I get to do things” not “I never get time to myself”

take54u today and think about what side you are operating from…


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