Magical traits that make people achieve…


Special report on why ‘they’ are achieving and not ‘you’…

Here’s the magical traits ‘they’ have and why it is always ‘they’ that can do it and not ‘you’

1. There is no ‘Magic’. People achieve their goals because they have the audacity to set goals, have a plan to achieve them, and get busy doing.

2. These people have started small, learnt the techniques, been in the game and been there to take advantage of fortuitous events.

3. They stuck to it, either because they had to or because they wanted to.

4. Focussed Daily Habits

5. They probably didn’t know that they couldn’t do it.

take54u today to realise that ‘they’ are not super human, they’ve just been following a plan – purposefully, or fortuitously! FACT.

Further reading: The inspiring story of Ang Lee, Director of ‘Life of Pi’.


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