Change your Pattern

take54u today to explore the patterns you are following in your life and look to develop patterns that will take you closer to your successes.


While a single technological event seems chaotic, as a whole those events reveal a clear pattern.

Ray Kurzwell

This is similar to our own lives. While singular events that unfold seem random, those events as a whole reveal clear patterns.

Think about your life. Think about the events that unfold for you. Do they seem to show fundamental similarities? Are you always asking “Why does this always happen to me?” or do you know someone who seems to be ‘So lucky!’.

Similarly, think about the patterns in times when you are most happy. Think about patterns of when you are at your most productive and doing the things you love to do.

Remember, humans are creatures of habit. Our habits will develop in to patterns. And these patterns will shape our future-self.


What's your opinion?

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