Don’t become D-ficient

take54u today to ensure your diet includes Vitamin D and that you get out in the sun…if it itself is out…!


Vitamin D is a vitamin that the body can produce using the rays from the Sun. The vitamin is essential in helping the body to keep calcium and phosphorus, essential for bones, energy, and also for the immune system.

It is essential that we look to increase our intake of Vitamin D, especially in the gloomier days, and the way to do this is with foods naturally high in the Vitamin: Oily fish such as Salmon and dairy products and some cereals are a good source.

But when the Sun is out…get out! Take a break from the office or from the house and let the rays of the Sun give you a D-lightful smile! (But do take the appropriate care and 15 minutes worth of Sun sounds like the required daily amount)

More health benefits and reasons for increasing Vitamin D can easily be Googled. But the overall research shows that most of us don’t have enough in our bloodstream. So, go change a little daily habit and get some 🙂


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