Make sure you’re kick-ass!

take54u to ensure that when it matters most, you are operating as a kick-ass version of yourself.


We all have negative emotions.
We all feel a little under the weather.
We all feel like that little grey cloud is following us around.

And that’s OK….from time to time!

But, just ensure that when we do feel like this we do nothing!

Do not make decisions.

Do not put a string of thinking together.

Do not “put that person straight about a few things”

Just let these moments pass and then take back control.

When we need to make big decisions; when we need to confront someone; when we need to think about a business or personal problem. Ensure we are at our best. Ensure we are a kick-ass version of ourselves.

Feel in control of the situation, feel bigger than the problem, remember your goals, now you can get the contract. Think of how you are when you hear your favourite upbeat song….KICK-ASS!

And…even better…we really only need to do this on the top 20% of tasks to get 80% of our results!!! But I know you’ll want to be kick-ass all of the time 😉


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