take5 facts about the Brain!

tkae54u tdaoy to raelsie jsut how cleevr and brlilaint your biarn is!

(You can read the above because the mind reads the word as a whole, not all the letters!)


take1 – Your brain uses a fifth of all the blood in your body! This is to keep up with the heavy metabolic demands of your neurons.

take2 – Your brain is much more active while you sleep than when you’re awake…so make sure you go to bed with happy thoughts!

take3 – Memory is formed by associations…so if you want to remember things create associations for yourself.

take4 – It is proven that Music can synchronise your brain waves, improve your mood and help you learn more efficiently.

take5Mental activity stimulates the creation of new neurons throughout your whole life…we lose 85,000 neurons every day; but there are about 100 billion of them! And each time you create a memory or have a new thought you create a new connection in your brain.


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