Closing the Loop

take54u today to close the loop on an open issue and rid yourself of the negative time it takes up in your life


We all have things that we have started, but not finished.

We all have a list of ‘to dos’ that we keep meaning to do.

We all have open issues with people that we will sort some day.

These things that are left open induce stress into our lives and stop us from progressing in other areas.

So, before we start anything else it is vital for our own wellbeing that we close these open loops, and rid ourselves of the stress they make us feel every time we remember that they need to be done.

Closing the loop is sorting an issue one way or another, so that it can be put to bed, or progressed further and given more focus.

By leaving issues open they take up snippets of your life that will add up to more time than would be needed to resolve them.

Take one open loop…Close the loop today…Take back control of your life…Progress the positive.


What's your opinion?

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