Beware the ‘Comp’…

take54u today to realise that you can only compare like-with-like and you can only compete against yourself.


There are lots of words that use ‘comp’ as the base. Today we are looking at compare and compete. These two words can be a big setback to you and your success in life.

It is a habit that we compare ourselves with others:

– They have all the luck…
– They have the better car/house/job…
– They are so much better than me…

This often leads to a very negative outlook on our own lives and creates our own mental obstacle to enjoying our own ‘lot’.

It is a habit that we want to compete against others:

– Yes…I got the job and she didn’t…
– I make so much more money than him…
– I’m a much better person than…

This leads to a negative view of others and is a small mindset of us doing well, while others do poorly: we win, while they lose.

We can only compare like with like: We can only compare ourself with ourself, we can only compare how we performed yesterday to how we are performing today. You are unique, and comparing yourself with someone else has no merit.

We can only compete with ourselves: In everyday life you are not competing against someone else, you are competing with yourself, you are competing to be better than yesterday, you are competing with the thoughts in your head telling you you are not good enough. There is enough to go round!

Use competition and comparison positively. Use them with yourself so that you can appreciate who you are and what you have…and then move in the direction of where you want to be. Take control!

…And if someone else has the thing that you want, then great!! It means it is accomplishable and you can follow their success and have it too!


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