take5 facts about sugar…

take54u today to know the food you are eating and what the positive and negative effects of this food is.


Today we are looking at sugar. Sugar is defined as naturally occurring: i.e. in fruits, honey, milk… Or as added sugar: refined sugar that is added to food to sweeten it up.

take1 – There is no requirement in the body for ‘sugar’. The body needs complex carbohydrates, not sugar.

take2 – Foods with natural sugars also provide vitamins and minerals. Added sugar has been processed and so the vitamins and minerals are removed, thus added sugar is just high, empty calories.

take3 – Sugar is addictive as it releases chemicals to the brain, creating a ‘high’ or sugar rush…which is only short lived.

take4 – Simple sugars (added/refined) produces insulin spikes. This inhibits the release of growth hormones, depresses the immune system and promotes the storage of fat.

take5 – The energy to run our brain is from glucose. Our Liver produces glucose from complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It does not need help from refined sugars, with empty calories, simple structures and energy peaks and troughs.

There are loads more facts about refined sugars, but the importance is that we know the fuel our body needs and we know the damage the wrong foods can do.


What's your opinion?

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