Look to what you ‘Do’ to become the person you want to ‘Be’

take54u today to take up a new hobby, one that in ‘doing’ will make you ‘Be’ the person you want to be.


Look at a Sumo Wrestler, or a Climber, or a Runner, or a Gymnast, or Footballer.

Their bodies, their health, their fitness, their diet is all as a result of the competitive sport (or hobby) that they have taken up.

Look at someone who sits on the couch all day, doesn’t really go out, doesn’t exercise and eats fast, easy and sugary foods. Their bodies are still as a result of how they have chosen to spend their time.

It is amazing the results that you can see when instead of stating ‘I want to lose weight’ you instead pick or chose a hobby that you love to do: focus on this and learn the healthy lifestyle and diet required to do well in your hobby…and live that lifestyle.

You have the CHOICE, choose your sport well…


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