Create option C…

take54u today to see that when faced with 2 choices, amalgamate them and choose both.


Let’s say that you have to choose between taking a year out to travel the world, or going to University to study Music.

This is a major life choice and should be given lots of thought and deliberation.

We could give advice to say:

“Go with the one that scares you most”

“Toss a coin and you’ll know as the coin is in the air, which one you really want”

And this is very good, and very useful advice.

But, is there another choice? One that doesn’t make it an ‘either/or‘ choice. One that instead makes it an And choice.

In this case, the amalgamated choice is:

To take a year out to travel the world and learn and study the music of the various countries and cities that I visit.

This makes both of the choices viable. We are not looking at ‘either/or’, we are being creative, taking control and doing both, and doing them to our own ultimate advantage.

University is extended for a year while you go and experience the Music of the World. This is going to make you a better student, with more focus and passion.

Think about the choices you are faced with…see how they can work together…choose both.


What's your opinion?

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