You’re only Human…

take54u today to see that yes, you are ‘only Human’ and realise the power this gives you and the responsibility you hold…


I really dislike it when people use the term “I‘m only Human” when they either make a mistake, allow others to keep control, or don’t approach life at their best.

Yes, it is true…you are only Human.

But what does being only Human mean?

It means the thousands of books that have been imagined and published.

It means the masterpieces of Art that have been skilfully produced.

It means the beautiful buildings that have been designed and built.

It means travelling from our own Planet and exploring the Universe.

It means being able to control your own mind and change your life.

The list of wonderful opportunities is endless…

So, Yes…you are only Human. Isn’t that awesome!


What's your opinion?

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