take5 facts about Other People

take54u today to think of our relationships with Other People, and how these relationships affect us in our daily lives…


Our daily lives are led in conjunction with Other People (OP). OP will aide us or hinder us in our tasks. OP will give us a feeling of satisfaction, or they may promote anger and frustration in us.

Let’s take a look at 5 facts about OP:

take1 – OP problems will always be bigger than your own

You will sometimes be talking to someone about a problem that you have, and you will find that you have ended the talk on the subject of their bigger problem.
Don’t stress this. OP will always identify with their own problems and will want to discuss them and not your problem. You must take control and deal with your own problem: by only talking about and choosing solutions.

take2 – You cannot control OP behaviour

You do not have the power to control how OP behave: what they choose to do, what they choose to believe, how they choose to live their life.
The only thing you can control is yourself and your reaction to OP’s behaviour. And you can prove yourself as a role model to others.

take3 – OP are just the same as you

We all have the same confidence issues, relationship issues, life issues. We all have wants, needs and desires that we are working toward, or are unfulfilled. So we need to be mindful of this and treat OP in the same way that we would like to be treated.

take4 – OP will always try to pull you to their level

This is a ‘safety in numbers’ strategy: If you are moving up, people will try to pull you back down. And if your friends are moving up, they will try to pull you up with them. Just have the friends, and be the friend, who are pulling OP up.

take5 – OP are what make our Society

It would be a lonely place if we were on our own. Our lives are led to co-exist with others. We will not agree with everyone and we cannot please everyone. But we are here together.
So be the best that you can be, care and watch out for others, and also be forgiving and forgetful of others. And maybe OP will see this and will look to be like you too.


What's your opinion?

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