Know your main thing…

take54u today to know your main thing, the thing you strive for, the thing at your centre.


We make Life pretty difficult. There are too many choices. There are lots of people who want our time. There are too many urgent things.

Each day, something else becomes the new Focus and yesterday’s urgencies and plans fade into irrelevance.

Keep it simple. Know your main thing and let everything else revolve and become consequential of this main thing.

I can do better than that…make your main thing YOU!

You become the centre, you become the focus, you become the one on the controller.

If you want improved health, relationships, family life, business life or social life, then keep yourself as the main thing and make your presence more effective in all these areas.

Some will have trouble with this. Some will think this is selfish. And parents will think that their kids are their main thing. No…the main thing is that you keep yourself in tip-top condition so that you can be a great parent.

Don’t you find it strange that everything that happens to you in your life, you are in the middle of…

Think this quote just about says it all.
You are the main thing.


What's your opinion?

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