You could do that!

take54u today to see that you are the person who could do that…


Remember the last goal that you achieved for yourself. The plans you made, the hard times you went through, the learning and growing you had to do, the new habits that were formed, the focus, and the time you spent pursuing your goal.

Well that just shows that YOU CAN do it. You can attain success. You can go through a systematic change in yourself and follow a plan to reach your destination.

Each time you are faced with a new challenge or a new goal that you have set, remember your last achievements and start on the crest of that success.

Just remind yourself that you are good enough with this little saying…

The person that can [last goal here] can [new goal here]

For example:
The person that can give up smoking can sort their finances out.
The person that can run 10k can learn to play the guitar.
The person that can be a great father can get that promotion.

Put the power back in your own hands…You could do that!


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