Simply Be…

take54u today to take the complexity out of your life: live simply and harmoniously.


I have two boys. A 4 year old, and a 7 year old. They are always asking questions! I love that they are inquisitive of EVERYTHING.

I found myself struggling sometimes to explain things to them, because of the complexity I was putting in the answer…and indeed in the complex way I was seeing the World.

The boys would look at me, still not understanding and asking that question every parent always hears…“WHY?”

This would usually lead us down that path of many more ‘WHYs

But this would also lead us to the simple explanation of something and they’d end with an “Oh, OK“…and then move on to the next set of questions!

This made me realise that we don’t like complexity, it kinda scares us a bit and turns us off. It makes us feel that people are trying to be smart with us or putting us down.

Complexity is really difficult to explain!

Complexity takes up too much time.

Complexity makes plans hard to follow.

Take your life, the things you do, the things you have, the things you want…and ask WHY to find the simple explanations.

Out of clutter find Simplicity

Albert Einstein


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