take5 facts about Your Smile…

take54u today to really smile.


Here are 5 facts about your smile…

take1 – You cannot fake a smile
A smile has to come from within. You cannot fake a smile as other people will know that it is fake. Just think of the photos you ruin by trying to ‘put on’ a smile. A smile is from a feeling of joy, and the two go hand in hand.

take2 – You cannot have a negative thought when you are smiling
Smile now and have that joyous feeling…and then try to think negatively about yourself. You can’t. The thought may be negative, but the mind doesn’t respond with a negative feeling.

take3 – Babies smiles increase the parental bond
Survival of the fittest at it’s best here. Human babies are very underdeveloped and so need to develop a big bond with the parent. A baby’s smile is addictive and promotes a massive feeling of joy and caring within us,…and you thought it was just wind!

take4 – Children smile on average as many as 200 times a day
…and an adult smiles on average 20-30 times a day. We got less fun as we got older!

take5 – Smiling makes you live longer!
Smiling releases endorphins, reduces blood pressure and reduces stress in our bodies, this helps our immune system work better. Smiling makes us feel more positive and in control and, well, HAPPY!

When we smile we appear more confident and attractive to other people. We give an impression of being trustworthy and open and of having a positive outlook in life.

Show that you are enjoying Life…Smile more!


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