My own Inspiration…

take54u today to inspire, and be inspired…


What are we inspired by?

I have many things, places, people and moments that inspire me. But by far my own biggest inspiration in life are my children.

They inspire me to be my best everyday, to do and try new things and to not get frustrated that I’m not automatically good at things.

I see them trying their best, falling…but getting straight back up again.

I remember my youngest at the skatepark, standing before a new ramp on his scooter telling himself “You can do this“…and he did!

We seem to lose this thirst for adventure and new things when we grow up. We stop asking questions as everything becomes ‘normal’ and ‘just the way it is

We do have responsibilities and there is a need to grow up…but deep down, we can still be big kids!


What's your opinion?

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