Get in the Action Habit

take54u today to keep doing the small things and maintain continuous ACTION…


Think of a Ship travelling from here – to there. It takes a lot of energy to get the initial movement; the first driving force that gets the vessel in motion. Then it takes further energy, but not as much, to accelerate it to the speed it wants to cruise at. When at this cruising speed it takes less energy to maintain its motion. If the Ship wants to increase speed it needs a further boost of energy to reach the speed and then it can settle to its new cruising speed.

And without the initial driving force, the Ship will just stay in the harbour.

….I hope you’re getting the point I’m trying to make here!!

This is exactly like us.

We need a boost to get us going. But it is important that once we are going, we continue with small bursts of action to maintain this motion. And if we want to move to the next level, then a further boost is needed…and then CONTINUOUS ACTION to maintain our motion.

And don’t you just find that when you get up and DO, it makes you want to DO more?!

It’s the things you do everyday that matter more than the things you do once in a while


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