take5 facts about stress

take54u today to get ‘stressed’ for success…


Today, lets look at 5 facts about stress. Bad stress and GOOD stress…

take1- The term Stress comes from the Latin ‘Stingere’
This means ‘to draw tight’ and this is exactly how we feel when we’re stressed: Closed, restricted, no flow.

take2- Stress alters the neurochemical make up of the brain
This is to ensure the body ‘shuts down’ to protect the vital bits. So back to safety and protection, rather than curious and adventure.

take3- The stress hormone that’s released is Cortisol
Cortisol causes abdominal fat to accumulate and also enlarges fat cells.

take4- Stress has helped the human race
Stress in the terms of ‘Fight or Flight’ has helped us stay safe in emergency situations and increased our survival instinct when required.

take5- Good stresses can develop you
We stress when we move out of our comfort zones because stress wants us to be safe and keep us in the ‘known’. But if we control stress and its reactive instincts it can improve our awareness and performance, and so help us when trying new things.

And lastly, people mostly stress over the WRONG things.
People stress over things that don’t concern them, things they can do nothing about, other people’s opinions and actions, and many other trivial matters

But it turns out that people who are grounded and secure don’t change much under stress…that’s what being grounded and secure means

The Good Son

Take control and choose your stresses wisely – allowing you to use the positives of stress.


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