That’s what I should’ve done…

take54u today and go to your END to find your new beginning


I have had a Guitar for years. Always wanted to learn how to play it…but never actually got round to it(!) I’ve picked it up on lots of occasions and given it the usual strum. I’ve read a few books and know most of the chords and strumming patterns. I am probably 60% of the way there. But for some reason it’s always been one of the items on the ‘Someday List’

Just the other day I had this vision of being of an old age and looking back with a regret of not learning to play the guitar. It was a strong vision and I felt like I had let my future self down.

This motivated me to dust the Guitar off and get constructively learning!

It has made me think that we go through our lives thinking that we have all the time in the world, but one day time will catch up with us and someday we won’t be able to do the things on our ‘Someday List’.

So, although thinking of the end is quite morbid, just do it as an exercise. Take 5 minutes to visualise the end and look back on YOUR LIFE, it’ll give you a very strong indication of the things you SHOULD be doing.

We all travel through life at a speed of 60 minutes an hour…


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