It starts to add up…

take54u today to understand that it all slowly builds up…


So, you decide to begin. You take the first step. You don’t know how you are to do the second step, or where it is going to come from. But it comes, and then you take your third, fourth, fifth step…

Suddenly you’re moving. You’re doing what you want to do, and it feels good doing it.

And then you look and you have provided 50+ blog posts, you have connected with lots of people, people have liked what you have done and it inspires you to keep doing. Even though you didn’t even know where the second blog was coming from, you sat down and you planned it and it came. Then the third came, then the forth…then the 54th!!

It all adds up…the more you do it, the easier it gets…it becomes a habit…you start to know and understand the industry you are in…you are learning…you are growing…and you feel GREAT for keeping at it.

So today is about thanking you for reading, liking, and hopefully being inspired by my posts. And for keeping with me!

And today is about thanking myself: that guy from a few months back who got me started on this adventure.

Remember…it slowly builds and your safety zone increases!


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