Are you planning a route, or planning a journey…?

take54u today and enjoy your journey


I recently went on a trip to London and got off at a tube station that I thought was close to the hotel we were staying in. I was pretty wrong about this one.

Instead of getting back on the Tube, we decided to stay above ground and enjoy the walk to the hotel. This way did take a little longer, but we got to walk alongside the Thames, cross Tower Bridge, enjoy a food market in the grounds of an old church, and see other parts of London that weren’t part of the plan for the trip. All these things and experiences would have been missed had I just been focussed on getting to the hotel quicker.

This made me smile and got me thinking that most of the time we focus on the destination, the goal, the outcome and we want to get there in a straight line and in the quickest time possible. But when we make our plan, we should allow for unforeseen circumstances, events and opportunities to arise. This makes the journey more enjoyable, more liveable, more spontaneous and exciting.

Know your goal. Focus on this destination. Start your journey. Allow the journey to surprise you.


What's your opinion?

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