take5 facts about Keystone Habits

take 54u today to learn about and choose the keystone that will change your life


A Keystone is the apex of an arch; it is the final piece placed during construction and locks all the other stones into position – allowing the arch to be weight bearing. The Keystone in the arch is the most vital piece, but it experiences the least stress than all the other pieces.

From this we can see that a ‘Keystone Habit’ is an important habit in your character that allows you to be stable and ‘stress bearing’.

Let’s take a look at some facts…

take1 – Keystone Habits are simple
We are not looking to completely change our whole psyche, we are looking for a habit that will give us a small win and allow us to grow from that win.

take2 – Keystone Habits start a ripple effect
We change one simple thing and this starts a chain reaction in our lives, a process develops from this and other habits are shifted too.

take3 – We already have Keystone Habits
The way we live, eat, spend, play, and communicate is already affected by the Keystone Habits that we already have.

take4 – Keystone Habits help fix our behaviour into our sub-conscious
Just take a Golfer and watch as they swing their club. You will see a little movement that starts their swing. This is their Keystone Habit that maintains the same swing each time without them even thinking about the swing!

take5 – Keystone Habits can overcome even the biggest obstacles
One small shift in focus, because of the ripple effect of Keystone Habits, can change a person; and can even change entire Company direction.

Examples of Keystone Habits:

~ Getting up 30mins earlier to plan your day
~ Keeping a journal of the food you eat
~ Unplug the TV during the day
…and many more.

Take control. Make small changes. Make effective changes.


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