Round ’em up…

take54u today to review what we’ve been talking about on Goals Monday…


I have offered a lot of advice on this blog.

I wanted to take this week to round it up so that we have a place we can go to for helpful reminders.

take1 – The best place to start from is NOW
We’ll always put it off until we feel that the time is just right. It’s just right RIGHT NOW, wherever you are, BEGIN.

take2 – Be a little SELFISH and put you in the centre
Ensure that you work on YOU. Be the best you can be so that you can be the best for others

take3 – Close the LOOP
Start your new JOURNEY by finishing the journeys you don’t want to be on any longer…don’t take excess with you.

take4 – Don’t set GOALS, start ADVENTURES!
Goals just sound like we’re aiming for ONE THING. Adventures just sound like they’re going to encompass EVERYTHING and be more FUN!

take5 – Maintain a FOCUS
Keep the main thing the main thing…no matter how far off course you may drift, always remember and focus on the destination you are aiming for.

And Remember: Visualise your final days and find what it would be that you tell yourself “I Wish I had”
This is a powerful one. Priorities will change throughout our lives, but it is said that at the end it will be clear what we wanted our TRUE PRIORITIES to be.

So, here’s little a KEYSTONE HABIT for you:
Write the ADVENTURE that you are on down, then put it in the first place you go to in the morning and in the last place you go to at night. And read it with a SMILE
(Mine is in the pic above!)


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