take54u today to review these titbits of inspiration


Let’s take today to look back at the reasons that you can get started and the reasons you can DO IT

take1 – If you have ever achieved a goal, you can certainly achieve another
Don’t forget ‘The person who can [achieved goal] can [next goal]’

take2 – Don’t worry…You’re Only Human
Which means that you have the same potential as any other Human. The same Humans who have cured diseases, put man on the Moon, painted Masterpieces!

take3 – Mind the Gap
When you set major goals, remember to make an adventure out of connecting the dots. The small milestones and achievements. Don’t focus on the Gap of where you are and where you want to be: Focus on connecting the dots.

take4 – Be Happy
The main AIM of any Goal is to improve our life and make us Happier. The secret is to Be Happy Now. Be happy that you are on the journey and don’t save your happiness for when you have achieved.

take5 – Get off your ASS
Start Now. Do Something. We want to see your work…don’t hide it all in a notebook.

Start something now that your future-self will give you a HIGH FIVE for


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