All in Harmony…

take54u to harmonise with the past weeks Harmonious Wednesday blog posts…


Let’s take today to review and reflect on the past few blog posts about being in Harmony.

take1 – The only thing you can control is YOU
Don’t stress with other people or situations. The only thing you can control is your approach, your reaction and your views. Allow others to live their lives and make their choices, and make sure you live YOURS and create your choices.

take2 – Don’t compete with or compare yourself with others
Live in harmony with where you are at and what you have. Don’t compare your lot with someone else’s, instead be happy that what they have is possible to ACHIEVE and go out and do the good work it takes to get it.

take3 – Keep it SIMPLES
Don’t try to overcomplicate life. ‘Complicated’ is met with fear, resistance, and negative energies. Understand it in so much that you would be able to explain it to a 6 year old!

take4 – Grow with the Flow
Success is a pattern. Get in harmony with the flow of success. Follow the path laid by others and use the energy to move forwards, rather than trying to cut your own path.

take5 – Start BIG
Any change/movement/progress has a big energy surge at the start to get it moving. The secret is the small bursts of continuous energy that keeps it moving forwards.

Being in harmony uses less energy and makes more productive use of the energy you do use.

And before we go, here’s another KEYSTONE HABIT for you: Greet life with a smile.


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