Everything Changes but YOU

take54u today to find the Bravery to change your mind…


We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve.

We all know the things we must DO in order to achieve them.

Others have travelled the path and have given us the route to follow.

All we must do is FOLLOW

But we don’t. We find obstacles. We find other things to take up our time. We find reasons not to.


The REAL PROBLEM is that you don’t want to Change Your Mind.

It is a BRAVE thing to change your mind. To change your views and beliefs. To open yourself up to something new. To stop your mind from over analysing and start doing.

Change your mind in the way that you look at yourself; Instead of finding the reasons you don’t deserve, can’t or shouldn’t, allow your mind to find the reasons you do deserve, can and should.

In other words, change your mind from using energy PUSHING your goals away from you and use that energy in PULLING your goals towards you. And follow the path of success left by others.

You are the centre of your world: Your world will not change until YOU DO.

Take control. Change your mind.


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