Why did the Squirrel cross the road…?

take54u today to change and choose GROWTH…


So why did this Squirrel cross the road?

Well actually it didn’t.

I was driving down the road as said Squirrel had made the attempt at running across. It was about 75% of the way there and I had slowed down to let the little guy get over. But, on hearing my car – obviously sounding like a danger – he turned and ran the 75% of the road back to where he had just come from.

This was his instinct. He knew the place he had just come from, and he knew it was SAFE. The new place he was travelling to was so close, but on hearing DANGER and feeling uncomfortable about change, he didn’t want to proceed any further. And so he chose to go back. To where he thought he was safest.

Remind us of anyone?

We make the effort of starting, we progress on our journey, little do we know but we get so close! But the minute that it becomes uncomfortable or scary or new, we turn back to the place we know. The place where we think we are safest.

Next time you’re thinking of turning back, afraid of change, afraid of progressing forward, allowing your safety instinct to rule you…BE BOLDER THAN THE SQUIRREL. Move forward on your journey…make the crossing…enjoy the FREEDOM of the other side of the road!

*But maybe use a pedestrian crossing…


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