Set the Stage…

take54u today to change the stage production of your life…


The Director of any performance has the ultimate control over how she wants every detail to be. The finished product is in her head and she uses this to actualise the performance: how the actors should be, how the storyline develops, how the stage should be set…

And any part that she is not HAPPY with, she can change, redo, edit out.

Are you being the Director of your life?

You have to set the stage for your life. You have to choose the characters, the plot, the stage and visualise the finished performance.

And any part that YOU are not happy with, you can change, redo, edit out.

The Directors’ role is a very important, focussed and fun role. She must be on top of all aspects of the performance, ensuring each is moving in the direction of her end result. And she must be willing to find the things she is not happy with, and be brave enough to change it.

Your World is Your Stage…ensure the performance is everything you can imagine.


What's your opinion?

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