take5 steps toward Change…

take54u today and follow your steps toward the change you want…


We humans are creatures of habit. We will settle and accommodate to our surroundings and behaviours. We will allow bad habits to slowly form into part of our character. We will forget that these habits slowly form, and we will think the way of forming more positive habits must be done in one GIANT LEAP.

We change, we form habits, we develop new behaviours, we become a master of new things in SMALL STEPS.

Little by Little. Dot by Dot. Step by Step. Day by Day.

Follow these 5 simple steps to make the changes you wish to make to YOUR life.

take1 – STOP thinking of what you don’t want and think of what you want
Write down what it is you want in your life. Put energy into moving forward, not trying to remove the past.

take2- Visualise the new you
Change should make us better. Visualise yourself living this change. See how much better you feel that you are in control of you. And how much better you feel that you have wanted something AND GOT IT!

take3- Put some energy into it
Get a positive spin on the change. See how the benefits far outweigh where you are now. Maintain progress. Keep smiling. Be awesome.

take4- Be in it together
Ask a friend to join you in the change. Join a group. Write a Blog. We are creatures of habit, but we are also creatures of friendship and togetherness. Help pull others’ goals toward them.

take5- Be in it for the long run
Remember that although your wants can change overnight, having the thing be actualised into your life will take time. Little by Little. Dot by Dot. Step by Step. Day by Day

Remember that we will settle and accommodate. Once you have momentum keep moving forwards. And as you move on your journey, even the change you originally wanted might change. Embrace this, as this shows PROGRESS

Deep down you already know the changes you want to make…start the journey…and always CHANGE for the BETTER…


One thought on “take5 steps toward Change…

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