Little Changes for a Healthier Life…

take54u today to work in these little changes for a Healthier YOU…


Drink more water
The body is 60%+ water, the body needs to replenish this water and wash out the toxins and waste from the body. Beer and coffee and fizzy drinks do not constitute ‘water’, they are diuretics, meaning that the body needs water to remove the bad stuff that is in them.
Make it easy for yourself by keeping a bottle in the car, take a bottle to the office, keep a glass near the kitchen sink to remind yourself.

Get outside
Sunshine, fresh air, open spaces. All good for the body and soul. Change your surroundings every once in a while. Go somewhere new. And walk a bit more. Park further from the office. Enjoy walks down by the river. Get some new experiences.

Eat breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body has not had food for 8+ hours while you have been sleeping. The digestive system needs a kick start. You need to ‘Break’ ‘Fast’. It is recommended to get a good portion of protein in this meal to kick start FAT burning.

Enjoy life – YOLO! And show others you are enjoying it too. Focus on the positives. Sure there are negatives to life; but use these as lessons learnt, obstacles to overcome, things to make you stronger. But…don’t be satisfied that “there are people worse off than me” Thinkthere are people who have been on the journey and have found better” and look to them for motivation.

Get busy DOING
Goals are the best thing for us. They stretch us, make us learn new things, excite us, give us FOCUS. Whatever activity you are doing, and whether it is in your job, set a GOAL. A target position in your Company, a target income, a target weight to bench, a six pack, a target dream holiday. Give yourself something to journey toward. Keep busy getting there. Enjoy the journey.

Give a woman health and a course to steer, and she’ll never stop to trouble about whether she’s happy or not


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