Relatively speaking…..

take54u today to see that TIME is relative to how you spend it…


You use time the wrong way round.

You will sit for hours and contemplate, or procrastinate, over doing a 5 minute job. You feel bad for the hours you have wasted, and feel so much better for the 5 minutes of focus and accomplishment in doing the job.

You will let weeks slip by to excuses and ‘other priorities’ and then do the assignment the night before, and stress that you have not had enough time.

You will sit there and wish that the clock would move forward at some times, and hope that it ticks its slowest ever at others.

Time is relative to how you spend it.

Time is not the variable. Time is the constant. You are the variable.

You can be moving slowly, dragging yourself along, being bored, unmotivated. And time will seem to be passing by at this slow speed. But with each passing second, nothing gets done. They just tick away and compound into minutes and hours of waste.

When you are focussed, motivated, following a plan, happy, enjoying life. Then each of those passing seconds is filled with action and results. And it seems unfair that there aren’t any more of these compounded minutes and hours in the day.

Make the best use of your time. Fill it with fun things. Make, and follow a PLAN to ensure that the right things get done. And remember, that time invested in doing what you want to do is not time wasted.

Sit on a hot stove for 2 minutes and it seems like an hour. Sit next to a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like 2 minutes

Albert Einstein


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