In these testing Times…

take54u today to ace the test of time…


Time is a test

You want the results, the dreams, the goals NOW

But you have to pass the Test of Time.

You must invest the time to learn, you must find the time to keep exercising, you must compound your healthy eating efforts over time, you must increase your positivity through time.

You have to show that you are patient enough, you have to maintain your focus, you have to travel the journey, you have to earn your adventure.

And these things take time.

Time allows you to develop into the person you need to become. Time allows you to learn valuable lessons that will keep you from trouble. Time allows the pain of your failure to heal.

Time is YOUR test. And it has already begun.

Set goals, have challenges, start adventures…and know that you can have them. But YOU must stand the TEST OF TIME

Little by Little. Dot by Dot. Step by Step. Day by Day. TICK by TOCK


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