MIND your words…

take54u today to be your own biggest cheerleader…


We have already discussed the power of words. But we need to see that they are powerful if used either positively or negatively.

It is easy to use positivity with other people when they ask for advice or feedback or motivation.

It is easy to ignore the negativity we may receive from other people…and we can always remove these people from our lives.

But that little voice in our head is with us all of the time.

You need to control that voice to remain positive, to give yourself words of encouragement, to not be too hard if you fail or err.

The words that you tell yourself will have a deep impact over time. If we are always telling ourself that we cannot do a thing…then we won’t even try, and we may be losing out on a fantastic adventure!

Be your own biggest cheerleader. Encourage yourself, motivate yourself, laugh at yourself.

It’s your own mind…the only person that’s listening is YOU


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