Let’s Begin…

take54u today to begin


We all have goals, hopes and dreams, and we have that gap between HERE and where they are.

Let’s start making that gap smaller.

Today is about starting where you are. Without the future destination in mind. Just NOW.

So, here’s how we begin:

~ Whatever job you do now, make sure you’re at the place that pays the most.

~ If you have savings, make sure you’re getting the best interest rate.

~ If you have debt, phone them and try to reduce the rate you’re paying.

~ If you want to stop smoking, make sure you take back control of yourself and stop.

~ If you want to lose weight, stick with healthy eating and drinking water, not fad diets.

~ If you go to the gym, make sure you follow and stick to a routine. Or just do the classes.

~ Haven’t got the time? MAKE THE TIME…it’s YOUR time, you are free to use it as you please.

~ Smile.

We overcomplicate life. We over-compare ourselves. We over-think our CHOICES.

In 100 days time, you’ll wish you had started today

Who’s starting now?
email to tell me what you’re starting at sean.ravenscroft@me.com and I’ll email back in 100 days to see if you did…the clock’s ticking


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