take54u today to simplify your lifestyle…


You’re starting on an adventure.
You don’t want lots of trivial choices to overcomplicate your adventure.
You want to keep the trivial stuff simple.
You want this stuff to happen with you not really having to think too much about it.
You want to be able to give all your focus to the critical tasks; to your new adventure.

If you’re starting something new in your life then it is going to take up a lot of your time. You are going to have to spend this time researching the basics, the foundations, failing, and learning lessons. It is time well spent, and you are going to enjoy spending it on your new, fun adventure.

The only thing about this is that you are going to have to give up something else.

Other things that don’t seem as important are going to lose their place in your priorities. You are going to forget to do things, put other things off, not have the time for them.

This is going to ultimately cause you stress.

There’ll be one day when the things you have put off need doing. And the small, individual, minuscule tasks are going to become a huge stress monster!

Unless you simplify your life.

The trivial stuff of your life still needs doing. The key is to not have too much trivial stuff. And then to automate most of the trivial stuff so that you are safe in the knowledge that it gets done without you having to do it!

This then allows you to focus on your new adventure. Your critical few tasks. Your main priorities.



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