take54u today to live with Discipline…


To learn and live with discipline is the ultimate key to success in all areas of life.

We think of discipline as a punishment to get us back in line. As a stick used by people with power over us to make us do the things that they think is best for us.

But we need to look at this differently.

Being self-disciplined is the reward. It is respecting oneself and wanting to be and do your best. It is developing the habits that allow you to assert willpower over more base desires. It is training and keeping motivated even when you are not feeling up to it. It is knowing yourself and your character and knowing the situations that you operate best in.

Discipline is doing small things daily, over and over, because you know that it will bring your goals towards you.

Discipline is the time someone says to you “Wow, you make that look so easy!”

Discipline is BEING AWESOME!


What's your opinion?

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