take5 facts about self discipline

take54u today to know these facts about discipline…


take1 – Willpower is Limited
You can’t do or change everything at once. It takes too much energy and emotion to be constantly aware of yourself at all times…and that’s also not going to be much fun!
Instead you need to develop an area at a time, and ensure you create good habits so that the behaviour becomes ‘in-built’.

take2 – It’s easier with the things we ENJOY
It’s easier to stay disciplined when it’s fun. So the question for you is how do you make it fun, or at least how do you make the reason WHY bigger?

take3 – Be Positive
It’s all about positive recognition and rewards. If you’re progressing, then great, thank yourself and reward yourself. If you’ve lapsed a little, then shrug it off and tell yourself you WILL do better next time.

take4 – Set yourself up for Success
Don’t aim to have healthier eating habits and then keep a cupboard filled with crisps and chocolate!
Don’t aim to go to the gym more often and then join one miles away!
Write down what you want in detail and give yourself enough time to learn new skills.

take5 – It’s something you USE, not something you have
Self-Discipline is like a muscle. You have to develop it by exercising it, progressively harder each time, and you have to keep USING it to maintain it.
You do this with daily habits, set proformas, Goal Action Plans, measuring and improving.

You already have and use self-discipline in areas of your life. But be aware, that in order to reach new Goals or Successes then it is with improving self-discipline.


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