Use or Lose…

take54u today and don’t HAVE, USE…

When we say they HAVE something, i.e. They have money, they have a good body, they have goals, We are looking at the end result of a plan.

The problem with this is that we are failing to appreciate the little parts of the plan that have been USED in order to gain the result.

You don’t HAVE something. You USE something. And you need to start with this terminology…

Don’t have savings…USE money as an investment to help it grow.

Don’t have a good body…USE your muscles to be functional and USE them so that they grow.

Don’t have goals…USE goals to actively get you to where you want to be, and to improve your life.

Don’t have a job…USE your job to learn and springboard you up to the next level.

Don’t just merely HAVE things in your life, USE them to improve them and yourself…


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