Opportunity Cost

take54 for you to focus on the Opportunity and not the Cost…

The Opportunity Cost of a choice is the value of the best alternate choice we forego.

Also, in choices we do, or can, make there is the Opportunity that we succeed, we win, things get better, we move forward…

But, what holds us back is the perceived Cost of moving forwards. Of leaving behind where we are at now: the safety zone we believe we are currently in.

The Opportunity is going to the gym, eating healthy, having a good body…The Cost of this is that we leave the lovely sugary snacks and we have to find the time to go to the gym, and we have to get all sweaty and workout!

The Opportunity is knuckling down, working hard, standing out and going for the promotion…The Cost is that you’ll look silly to your friends, you’ll have to work harder, it’ll be different.

The Opportunity is saving and creating an investment pot that you can grow…The Cost is in short term cutting back, looking for bargains, giving up a meal out.

Our inner thoughts make the Cost bigger and more of a loss than the potential gains from the Opportunity.

It’s up to you to focus on the Opportunity. Making that bigger than the cost!


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