The BEST Retirement Plan

take54u today to realise the BEST investment for your future…

When we think of retirement, we think of pensions and money: How much money will we retire with and how long will it last us?

And the best time to start investing in a pension is ‘NOW’…’ASAP’…’The earlier the better’

And the best investment method is ‘Often’ and to ‘Compound’

But this is only half the story

It is not just how much money you will retire with, but also HOW MUCH TIME you will retire with.

And the best way to invest in more time is to lead a healthy lifestyle NOW.

Each day you are investing in your future.

Whether you eat healthily, or not.

Whether you exercise regularly, or not.

Whether you smoke, or not.

This is all an investment in your future retirement plan: How much TIME you will retire with.

Invest wisely.


Sowing and Reaping

take54u to begin to sow the acts and habits that will bring your goals to you…


Farmers know that to yield a good crop they must ensure that they get the sowing of the seed right.

It’s all about the process. It’s about constantly sowing…i.e. It’s preparing the foundation, it’s constantly nurturing, it’s keeping bad and harmful things away, it’s all the hard, and smart, work you put in. And then you’ll get to a point where things will take care of themselves.

Each of the individual acts you are performing will amount to your true character. What you sow, you will reap.

Ensure you are sowing the good stuff, performing the daily acts that will build your foundation and grow you into a person who will achieve her goals.

Start sowing today.

Foods that Rot!

take54u today to choose Foods that Rot…


Seems a little gross talking of Rotten Food!

But the true facts are that rot and decay are natures own recycling mechanism. It’s a way of breaking down a substance so that the nutrients can be re-used for the growth of another.

And this is exactly what you need to think about with the foodstuff you are consuming.

Firstly, they need to be nutrient rich and secondly, they need to be natural foods that can be broken down by the enzymes in our body.

Too many products have preservatives or unnatural ingredients so that they can be preserved for longer – or have a ‘longer shelf life’. But these make it more difficult for our bodies to break down!

Just think, if it rots it’s good for yougross, but a simple fact of life!

Highs n Lows

take54u to ride the Highs…and learn from the Lows.


Think of a Roller Coaster. The peaks are exuberant, you feel weightless, a little like you are flying. The dips feel low, you feel your whole weight ascend on you, you feel ‘bogged’ down.

This is what the highs and lows of your emotional states are like too.

You want to ride the highs, you want to feel weightless, you want to feel exuberant.

But, there will be lows. And this is good. We learn so much more about ourselves during the lows. This is the feeling of being alive, of overcoming obstacles, of changing something, of controlling ourselves!

So, keep looking for the positives from the negatives. The learning and growing in the tough times.

Your New BFF…

take54u today to meet your new best friend…


AMBITION: an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, and the willingness to strive for its attainment.

Here she is…your new best friend is Ambition.

It’s OK to want things in life, and it’s OK to hope that they come into your life.

Your ambition will be the engine and the fuel that gets you to them.

Your ambition will be the burning desire and passion within you that will get you excited to achieve.

And we’re not talking the masculine, anything goes, knock everyone from the top, secret hallway meetings, types of ambition.

Let’s call it a more feminine, helping each other out, seeking win-wins, taking others along with you, type of ambition…powerful all the same.

To your Ambition

You’re On

take54u today to stop being a spectator and start being a player…


“OK, You’re On”

It’s your turn to show them what you can do. It’s your turn to make a difference. You know what you have to do…you’ve been practising for long enough now.

You’ve been sat on the bench, watching the game, checking the competition, learning the rules.

Now it’s your turn to join them.

And what’s the game you’re in? Well that’s your choice…But you know what it is.

Go get them…

You Can Do It!


take54u today to see that nothing can change, until YOU choose to change it…

Are you waiting for someone to come to your rescue? Are you hoping for your knight in shining armour, or that someone who will make everything happen for you?

Well that person is here. She’s been here all along. Stood, waiting to come to your rescue.

That person is YOU.

There is, and can be no one else. The only person who can change you is YOU. The only person who can get you there is YOU. The only person who can make you better is YOU.


Opportunity Cost

take54 for you to focus on the Opportunity and not the Cost…

The Opportunity Cost of a choice is the value of the best alternate choice we forego.

Also, in choices we do, or can, make there is the Opportunity that we succeed, we win, things get better, we move forward…

But, what holds us back is the perceived Cost of moving forwards. Of leaving behind where we are at now: the safety zone we believe we are currently in.

The Opportunity is going to the gym, eating healthy, having a good body…The Cost of this is that we leave the lovely sugary snacks and we have to find the time to go to the gym, and we have to get all sweaty and workout!

The Opportunity is knuckling down, working hard, standing out and going for the promotion…The Cost is that you’ll look silly to your friends, you’ll have to work harder, it’ll be different.

The Opportunity is saving and creating an investment pot that you can grow…The Cost is in short term cutting back, looking for bargains, giving up a meal out.

Our inner thoughts make the Cost bigger and more of a loss than the potential gains from the Opportunity.

It’s up to you to focus on the Opportunity. Making that bigger than the cost!

Use or Lose…

take54u today and don’t HAVE, USE…

When we say they HAVE something, i.e. They have money, they have a good body, they have goals, We are looking at the end result of a plan.

The problem with this is that we are failing to appreciate the little parts of the plan that have been USED in order to gain the result.

You don’t HAVE something. You USE something. And you need to start with this terminology…

Don’t have savings…USE money as an investment to help it grow.

Don’t have a good body…USE your muscles to be functional and USE them so that they grow.

Don’t have goals…USE goals to actively get you to where you want to be, and to improve your life.

Don’t have a job…USE your job to learn and springboard you up to the next level.

Don’t just merely HAVE things in your life, USE them to improve them and yourself…

take5 facts about self discipline

take54u today to know these facts about discipline…


take1 – Willpower is Limited
You can’t do or change everything at once. It takes too much energy and emotion to be constantly aware of yourself at all times…and that’s also not going to be much fun!
Instead you need to develop an area at a time, and ensure you create good habits so that the behaviour becomes ‘in-built’.

take2 – It’s easier with the things we ENJOY
It’s easier to stay disciplined when it’s fun. So the question for you is how do you make it fun, or at least how do you make the reason WHY bigger?

take3 – Be Positive
It’s all about positive recognition and rewards. If you’re progressing, then great, thank yourself and reward yourself. If you’ve lapsed a little, then shrug it off and tell yourself you WILL do better next time.

take4 – Set yourself up for Success
Don’t aim to have healthier eating habits and then keep a cupboard filled with crisps and chocolate!
Don’t aim to go to the gym more often and then join one miles away!
Write down what you want in detail and give yourself enough time to learn new skills.

take5 – It’s something you USE, not something you have
Self-Discipline is like a muscle. You have to develop it by exercising it, progressively harder each time, and you have to keep USING it to maintain it.
You do this with daily habits, set proformas, Goal Action Plans, measuring and improving.

You already have and use self-discipline in areas of your life. But be aware, that in order to reach new Goals or Successes then it is with improving self-discipline.