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Hello! And welcome to take54u, your morning moment of inspiration to set your day off with a smile.

Your time is precious. Everyone wants a piece of it. And some people should have your time. By doing as this blog says: “take-5-4-u” I hope that you can give yourself some time to set yourself off for a great day, everyday.

What could be better?

I’m looking at the rules and habits of our daily lives, and how we can set ourselves up for success by following certain rules well.

Here’s the rules I choose to live by:

take1 Look after your body!

take2 Don’t take life too seriously, but make sure you live seriously.

take3 Maintain a position of control.

take4 Have a PLAN.

take5 If you’re not 100% committed, don’t start.

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And here’s what I would like us to do…

Read the daily blog.

Enjoy the content.

Learn a little…maybe.

Comment on them.

Share the posts with friends.

Come back and read them again 😉

It’s all about YOU!

Thanks for popping along

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